“The artists are the murderers of death”
Pascal Quignard

Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
Rue des Archives, Paris 3è
Wednesday April 22, 2015

Death shaping life: The artists selected for this 23rd VIDEO FOREVER session remind us that death makes us alive and shapes our human condition, our civilizations, our religions (mounir fatmi), our positions in life, our creativity, our sorrows, our actions – and even our feasts (Maro Michalakakos). Death shapes the greed and the impossibility of control of our human condition, up to the point that whenever we give birth, we also give death as a future promise (Raphaelle Paupert-Borne & Jean Laube).

Death is uncontrollable. Killing and self killing are the ultimate desperate gestures to try to control it (as shown by many movies, two of them being used as examples, Straw Dogs and Pulp Fiction) – another attempt being to keep life forever – until it becomes “Fun to be dead” (Bob Flanagan). A number of artists have taken the animal death as a paradigm for the human, including Ali Kazma and Shaun Gladwell.

While death cannot be controlled nor explained by art, it may be beautified by rituals (Gilles Delmas, Joanna Malinowska), poeticized (Frank Smith), and may even become a play (Gianni Motti, Raphaël Siboni). Not to forget “Sleep” (mounir fatmi) as “la petite mort” and Thanatos as the mere energy and the essential basis of transformation leading to Eros, sex, life and art (Michaela Spiegel ; In the Realm of the Senses).

Special Thanks to : the artists, Ouvre tes Yeux, and Galerie Perrotin

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