Station Beirut, November 19, 2015

Memory is an essential dimension of our relation to time: As an individual act that on some occasions expresses a collective reality, the memory that serves as an artistic vehicle is, for that very reason, complex, fluctuating and heterogeneous. The persistence of time that it proves posits the principle of protean recollection. Memory does not exist, but memories do. Memories are cerebral and corporeal, but also cellular, immunological, electronic and physical. They are social and collective. Hence their extraordinary complexity.

Video proceeds as memory does: the video image acquires the status of a memory the moment it ceases to appear before us; the recording of what is seen and the “stocking” of the image are almost simultaneous. We can then call on the images thus stored or preserved, the way memory summons a specific recollection when we need it (the phenomenon of “destocking”). Video, a mirror of memory. A creative mirror, often reflecting memories that are not to be found elsewhere than in art, when the society elects oblivion as an active levier for action.

As stated by Nabil Canaan, who hosts VIDEO FOREVER @ Station Beirut : “The vacuum left by collective oblivion in Lebanon was invested by the creative community”. In this VIDEO FOREVER session, international artists working on memory are presented in echo with artists directly linked to Lebanon. Memory Games on video, a play between amnesia and amnesty, between Lebanon and the world.

With videos from Janet Biggs, François Xavier Courrèges, Fouad ElKoury, Laurent Fiévet, CT Jasper, Mary Jirmanus Saba, Maha Kays, Ali Kazma, Elena Kovylina, Gianluigi Maria Masucci, Jocelyne Saab, Frank Smith

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