October 28, 2016
Bibliothèque municipale Quintaou, Anglet

This anniversary session of VIDEO FOREVER will promote the way in which contemporary artists work with the ocean as an essential part of our life, as a frontier to cross, as a temple concealing memories and myths.

The session will open with Crossings by late Leila Alaoui, followed by Los Durmientes by Enrique Ramirez, both artists taking a twain approach, political and poetic. Frank Smith, writer for the catalog of the Biennial, and Kemal Tufan and Shaun Gladwell, two artists featured in the Biennial, illustrate the broad vision of “La Littorale” – from participative art to video and the novel cinetracts produced by Frank Smith: a reminiscence of Chris Marker.

The ocean is an infinite place to be looked at and explored and so does Janet Laurence (who was the Australian representative for the COP21/FIAC, Artists 4 Paris Climate 2015 Exhibition, with Deep Breathing: Resuscitation for the Reef shown at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris). The Lebanese artist couple Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige search in the ocean for light, life and beauty – Se souvenir de la lumière is the title of one of Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige’s video recently produced by and shown at Jeu de Paume. Regina José Galindo also explores the shallows of the ocean – though with sand bags, not people – while Pauline Julier lures us into her own dreams of remote and soon lost islands.


In contrast Rita Jokiranta and Mauro Herce Mira tell us about some of the crude realities of today’s oceans – pollution, and work aboard the Fair Lady – Mauro Herce Mira’s film, Dead Slow Ahead, is currently on view in Paris. Todd Mac Millan endlessly stares at the Ocean, Oto Hudec sings for it. And as a melancholic end Janet Biggs embarks us on an expedition in the high Arctic with Fade to White, referring to an editing technique used to evoke death or transcendence, the mournful voice of counter tenor John Kelly paralleling the vanishing Arctic landscape…

Videos by Leila Alaoui, Janet Biggs, Regina José Galindo, Shaun Gladwell, Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige, Oto Hudec, Pauline Julier, Rita Jokiranta, Janet Laurence, Todd Mac Millan, Mauro Herce Mira, Enrique Ramirez, Frank Smith, Kemal Tufan.

Presented and commented by Barbara Polla ; screening Raymundo ; recording Alexandre D’Huy.

Thanks to: the artists, the Anglet Biennial, Paul Ardenne, Fondation Leila Alaoui, Fabienne Leclerc & Galerie In Situ, Galerie Michel Rein, Ida Pisani & Promoteo Gallery and Abdul Rahman Katanani.

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